Do you want clarity?

We will take time to explain what we do for you, how the process works, what work we do for you and what you are signing.

Do you want transparency?

We will give you full disclosure of the costs that we incur on your behalf. These costs depend on courier fees, checks in Land Registry Systems, bank fees, other requirements that are different from file to file.  We give you receipts for such costs and we are mindful of saving your money on costs where possible, for example, we do not order a tax certificate ($57) if other timely methods of confirming taxes are available.

Do you want honesty?

We will lay out all your options in front  of you and will honestly tell you if something is a bad idea.

Do you want a fair price?

Our base fee is the average of what other solo practitioners charge. On top of our fee there are costs that we incur on your behalf described above.

Do you want hidden fees?

Of course not! Beware of legal fees below average because such “discount” will be recouped through hidden costs and your final bill will still be the same as the average. Also, do you want quality work or you want your file to be rushed through?

Do you want care?

We care about doing good work. Our dedication led to the following results in the past:

    • we protected our buyer client from special assessment charges in the amount of $10,000;
    • we uncovered mortgage fraud in a real estate transaction;
    • we helped our client to settle a very difficult estate dispute.

Do you want empathy?

Yulia immigrated to Canada when she was twenty-one and appreciates difficulties of navigating a legal system, facing challenges and working hard for your dreams.

Do you want ongoing support?

If you have questions after your matter is finished or need help with any unexpected circumstances, such as water damage that you discovered after moving in, we will be happy to help.  If we learn about any new strategies that might be beneficial for you, we will inform you. 


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number of our happy clients is growing every day
Yulia represented me with the purchase of my investment property in London ON. Yulia was perfectly ready and perfectly timely responsive, it was the easiest process ever. This is the first time I used services from Yulia and I can describe the experience in one simple word – PLEASURE to deal with professionals like Yulia and her office. Definitely recommend Yulia Rodionova as a good quality lawyer and for sure will keep working with her an her office.
Real Estate Investor
Yulia helped us close a mortgage that had been forgotten about by another larger firm. They missed the closing date entirely. She was handed the torch and ran with it, completely closing it within a week. I can’t say THANK YOU enough!
Refinance Client
Рекомендую Юлию как пунктуального, внимательного, ответственного специалиста своего дела! Очень довольны ее работой! Получили ответы на все вопросы касательно оформления сделки покупки недвижимости. Очень приятно было с Вами работать, Юлия! Спасибо!
Alexander Kanevsky
House Buyer
Law Office of Yulia Rodionova provided us with great services for our house closing. Would highly recommend them!!!!!
House Seller
Thank you for your fast responding and helping my husband. Very appreciate your help and knowledge. Highly recommended to everyone.
Estate Client


We've bought a townhouse with the help of Yulia, and everything went perfectly smooth! That was our first home, so we were a bit slow and nervous, and Yulia was very patient with us, explained everything we wanted to know, took care of the whole law-related aspect of this purchase. Now townhouse is ours and we're very grateful! =) Great thanks to Yulia for her professionalism, politeness and personal approach!
First-time Home Buyer
We enjoyed very attentive service.
Walk-in Notary Service Client
I would definitely recommend Yulia to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate. We have been acquainted for a few years. She is attentive, kind, and sociable person. As a professional, Yulia is thoughtful, competent, and responsible lawyer. It has been a pleasure working with her.
House Buyer
I have known Yulia Rodionova for about 4 years. Yulia is very intelligent, responsive and honest. I had a great experience working with her, when she helped me to buy a house. I so appreciated Yulia’s knowledge, her polite and respectful attitude. She answered all my questions and worked on my case in a caring and timely manner for a very reasonable flat fee. Yulia is also an involved and well respected member of our community. She has earned this respect following the values of her faith and commitment to her vocation. I would highly recommend Yulia as a trusted source of legal advice that will work best for favorable outcomes.
House Buyer




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